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Leslie Anderson
Leanne Jenkins

The house was built in 1910 and we are only the third owners. This Craftsman home sits at the top of Peabody Street with a view of both the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Hurricane Ridge. Formerly part of a large orchard, the property has multiple apple and cherry trees.

We have spent much of the last two years remodeling the inside and out...the last time it was updated was in the 1950s.

These pictures show the transformation.

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The new kitchen cabinets are in! Before and After--What a difference! Our Theme--black, white & RED.

This bathroom transformed from a bright pink into a soft white & green. New cabinets provided storage that previously was missing. Old-fashioned fixtures maintain early 1900's charm.

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Walkway before and after.
Re-landscaping the front yard--getting rid of the lawn, putting in natural borders, paths, and beds.

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The Anderkins
A house is made of wood and stone…
A home is made of love alone