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Leslie Anderson
Leanne Jenkins

It was with painstaking effort that we lay the foundation for the butterfly garden.
One entire day, driving a sod cutter and five yards of topsoil hauled in from the back of the truck.

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It felt good...the day we stood back
and looked at it. It was done and now we need only
wait for things to grow.
Finally, the fruits of our labor began to breach the blanket of Mother earth and rise to dance among us.

Blossoms soon took their places and the beautiful colors of spring began to light up our lives.
Each day we found ourselves marveling at what burst forth anew; colors so bold and daring they cast a smile upon our faces that would last the whole day.

The garden danced delightfully before us and we have been blessed to see the butterfly and hummingbird grace us with their presence this year.
We look forward to more sightings of butterflies and the pleasure of witnessing the dance of the hummingbird.

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