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Leslie Anderson
Leanne Jenkins

Tiek (Teek)
Big, long-haired, handsome, black, sweet and gentle, Tiek is the dominant male. He will walk away from conflict, but defends his territory when necessary. Tiek's favorite pastimes are sleeping and rolling in catnip.

Tiek and Frankie

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Cinnamon is the queen of the four cats. She has a long-haired tortoiseshell coat that she spends most of the day grooming. She loves to be on a lap. Cinnamon can be a bit of a fussbudget, but she is very loyal, and will greet you at the walk and escort you to the front door when you come home from a hard day at work.
UPDATE 6/25/02: Cinnamon died at home of an apparent stroke. We will miss her, but we will keep her in our hearts and on our web site.

Frankie was found at four weeks old living in a house full of wild cats. Unsociable with humans, he thinks the big male dog, Gotcha, is his mother and will snuggle and purr in his presence. Frankie is a short-haired black male who also loves catnip.

Heidi was dropped by angels into our yard at the age of two months. She got her name because she is very good at hiding from us. Heidi is a sweet and loving little girl with fluffy gray-and-peach fur.

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The Anderkins
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